The Pneumos Competitive Edge

We have forged successful partnerships with our clients due to:

  1. Strategic Alignment of our methodology with the Client’s Objectives;
  2. Focus, Clarity, and Analysis;
  3. Robust Preparation;
  4. Disarming and Effective Communication; and
  5. Affirmative Relationship-Building.

Client Service Trajectory

Business Development is a synergistic process involving ideas (vision), (stakeholders) people, and execution (performance).  By relying on our 5-Step process, we help organizations institute change in an effective and efficient manner.


1)  Catalytic Phase (Initiation)

  • Initial meeting – In this stage, there is very little discussion about services or contracting.  Our purpose here is to build rapport and familiarize ourselves with our clients, their sensibilities, and their business. We believe in building a relationship here that exceeds the business realm.
  • Discussion of business dynamics –  Key question: What is the business case for the proposed initiative?  What business imperatives will be met by taking action? The conversation becomes more focused on the needs of the business.  Our goal is to listen, not sell ourselves.

2) Analytic Phase

a) Determine Baseline and Perform Gap Analysis

  • Where is your organization?
  • Where do you want organization to be?
  • Based on organizational resources, what is the best away to achieve the desired outcomes?

b) Assess the organizations’s appetite for “change”

  • Perform an environment scan
  • Engage key stakeholders
  • Clarify objectives
  • Solicit feedback
  • Energize your key leaders

3)  Execution Phase

  • Perform the tasks, as outlined in the contract
  • Establish controls to ensure alignment between the client’s expectations and the services being performed
  • Provide timely status reports
  • Synchronize all communication
  • Acknowledge progress

4)  Resolution Phase

  • Submit a post-project report
  • Facilitate a post-project debrief with client, to discuss the project and the quality of services provided
  • Coach the client on “next steps”

5)  Measurement Phase

  • Establish metrics
  • Review for improvement
  • Celebrate success

Types of Clients

The following diagram illustrates the types of clients who seek our services:



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