Pneumos has five core competency areas:

  1. Cultural Competency, Diversity, and Inclusion;
  2. Leadership Training and Performance;
  3. Organizational Behavior and Organizational Development;
  4. Conflict Resolution & Mediation,
  5.  and Life/Executive Coaching.

At first glance, the competencies may seem disparate or un-related.  However, each discipline supports the foundation of a successful enterprise.  To wit, leaders must be culturally-competent to recognize the unique talents and strengths of a multi-cultural workforce.  Viable organizations neutralize conflicts effectively and learn to manage polarity.  A culturally-competent organization sees conflict as an opportunity to build bridges between business partners from different backgrounds.  Coaching helps leaders clarify their vision and purpose to move an organization forward.  Mediation reframes conflict as an opportunity for continued growth and organizational development. Organizational development is really about coaching people and nurturing ideas and innovation.

As a result, each of the competencies feed, support, and maintain each other.  We view our clients holistically; collectively, our focus areas support the structural, financial, operational, and legal underpinnings of any organization.  A business or organization cannot survive on profitability alone.  It must be expansive and discerning in its approach.  Each of these areas is pragmatic, time-tested, and relevant.

Additionally, Pneumos provides training and facilitation services using its popular “4P” approach. To find out more about the Pneumos training and facilitation methodology as well as the “4P” approach, please click here.

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