The dearth of leadership is the biggest threat facing our country today. This fact has very real consequences for our society, for our government institutions, and for business organizations.

Savvy clients understand that there is a distinct difference between an employee being “promotable,” and an employee being a “leader.”  A good employee preserves the status quo.  A leader, by contrast, inspires growth and brings all of her strengths to bear on the organization.  Pneumos will grow your business by helping you groom your next generation of leaders.

As you look to develop your leadership team, consider the following:

  • Are there skills and competencies that your leaders need to acquire?
  • Do your leaders have a sense of direction? Do they see themselves as part of the continuous improvement cycle of the business?
  • Are there values that you want to reinforce with your leadership team?
  • Do you want to improve employee performance? Do your leaders inspire high performance?
  • Are your leaders skilled at building strong relationships? Are they supportive of employees?  Are they open?

If any of these questions figure prominently for your senior executives or directors, your organization is a prime candidate for leadership development!


To facilitate leadership develop, Pneumos uses tools developed by The Management Research Group® (MRG), an assessment company committed to partnering with organizations to achieve success. MRG’s unique assessment instruments help individuals and organizations around the world gain powerful insights — insights that allow them to reach their full potential. MRG’s suite of integrated products is based on leading-edge research, a proven assessment methodology, and real-world business experience. The products are designed to meet specific challenges — whether the goal is to develop leaders, ensure strong direction, empower people to be their best, make change happen, or build a powerful sales force. MRG clients come from every industry in over 60 countries.

Leadership Components

There is nothing more important in an organization than its leadership. Leaders create vision, inspire people, and guide meaningful action.

MRG’s suite of Strategic Leadership Development products is based on a researched model consisting of 22 behaviors. This model has the breadth and flexibility to provide and integrate a range of leadership perspectives, including support for organizational strategy, illustration of current leadership practices, provision of individual feedback, and information for group development decisions. The instruments are scientific, user-friendly, and proven to be effective.


Joel A. Brown is fully certified to administer MRG’s line of Leadership Development Products.  There are many options and choices for MRG partners to use.  All of the products are adaptable to your institutional needs.  A sample listing of the available products is listed in the table below.

LEA Strategic Directions Through the completion of a questionnaire and a facilitated discussion session, the senior management team of your organization uses LEA Strategic Directions™ to identify the most important behaviors for your organization’s future success, creating a strategic context for leadership assessment and making a business strategy come alive for leaders and managers.
LEA Role Expectations LEA Role Expectations™ is designed to effectively identify the leadership practices required for a specific leadership role through the completion of a questionnaire and a facilitated discussion.
LEA 360 This distinguished product provides valid and reliable feedback from self and others — direct reports, peers, and bosses — on the use of leadership behaviors.  LEA 360™ produces a rich feedback complete with profiles, narratives, strategic implication, and developmental opportunities.  Because the feedback is based on behaviors, change and improvement efforts are realistic and tangible. The LEA Resource Guide, included with the feedback report, suggests action steps and provides tools for prioritizing and focusing developmental actions.
LEA Strategic Directions Audit LEA Strategic Directions Audit™ is a customized research report that measures and analyzes the gap between current leadership practices and the strategic practices needed for your organization to reach its goals.
LEA Best Practices Report Using 22 measures of leadership effectiveness, LEA Best Practices™ is a customized report that identifies the leadership practices that characterize the most effective leaders and managers in an organization, role, level, or business unit.
LEA Culture Designed to identify current leadership behaviors and practices within your organization and prepare for a major organizational change initiative.