Our Purpose

A Word From Our Founder

As a bright-eyed and upstart firestarter, I worked for many years as a corporate professional and a defense-side employment attorney. Despite my credentials and despite my work ethic, I never felt like my ambition was rewarded. I often felt ignored, overlooked, and dismissed. I never felt like I truly belonged, and on many days, I felt like I had to suppress myself in order to survive.

And while I felt like I was alone, in truth, I knew I wasn’t. I knew my story was similar to that of many others across the nation…and the world. And that’s when I started to recognize the great dilemma: as a society, many of us are spending at least 10 hours a day or more away from our loved ones without feeling energized. That’s a long time to spend in any situation where you feel unaffirmed and unappreciated.

From an individual perspective, the lack of belonging in the workplace is demoralizing. From a collective standpoint, it is debilitating. Our world is facing immense challenges. Whether it is “ism,” climate change, social unrest, education, poverty, or healthcare, we need everyone at the table to leverage the skill-sets needed to change the tilt of our planet. We need everyone on board to use their intellectual and cultural capital to create a world that reflects our greatest aspirations.

Unfortunately, our society has fallen short, and many of our organizations reflect the same inequities and malaise that exist in larger society. Organizational development consultants are often the “first responders” to the business community. But despite the challenges that exist, I am heartened by the people, organizations, and leaders who doggedly want to do the right thing. They want to be good employers. They want to be good stewards. They want to be good neighbors in their community.

And we are here to help them do that.

After all of these years, I am still a firestarter, an optimist, and a dedicated global citizen. We support people who are invested in their personal growth and development. We support institutions that are committed to equity, agility, and transformation. We envision a world that is predicated upon healing and liberation.

Since I couldn’t find an employer that I wanted, I decided to build a consulting firm that people like me needed. I am proud of the brilliant people who have helped to make Pneumos the small and mighty firm it is.

Let us help your organization be the best version of itself…




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