OD Consulting

We serve as thinking partners to help our clients strategize about culture change and change management. In that capacity, we have worked with the C-suite to articulate their vision, understand their current baseline, and outline, craft, and bolster their global diversity strategy.

Leadership Development

Leadership has to be elevated from the traditional place where it was based on individualistic, masochistic and hierarchical norms. We offer learning modules that help today’s leader harness the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Training & Adult Education

Adults learn in three environments: at home, in school, and in the workplace. And make no mistake about it, education is a vital component for facilitating culture change. However, many trainings fail because they fail to accommodate the sensibilities of the modern global workforce. As a result, we design and deliver custom-based experiential, creative, and dialogic based learning sessions to help your people learn, grow, and transform. We have three different tracks for our adult education training: 1) Global Diversity, 2) Strategic Storytelling, and 3) Strategic Growth.  Click here to learn more about our different offerings.

Executive Coaching

No culture change efforts can be successful without sustained investment in the personal growth and development of your emerging and dedicated leaders. We have a cadre of coaches accredited by the International Coaching Federation who are experienced in working with C-suite executives, senior leaders, middle managers, and high-potential performers. We specialize in coaching individuals and groups in cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, strategic leadership, design thinking, and personal wellness, among other topics. Click below to learn more about our offerings in the Coaching and Personal Development space.

Conflict Resolution

As a certified coaching and mediation outfit, we are certified to provide coaching and mediation services between different stakeholder groups within any organization.

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