Executive Coaching

No culture change efforts can be successful without sustained investment in the personal growth and development of your emerging and dedicated leaders. We have a cadre of coaches accredited by the International Coaching Federation who are experienced in working with C-suite executives, senior leaders, middle managers, and high-potential performers. We specialize in coaching individuals and groups in cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, strategic leadership, design thinking, and personal wellness, among other topics.

Our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As ICF-certified coaches with expertise in leadership, life, executive, and intercultural coaching, we provide coaching to individuals and teams to produce synergy, breakthrough performance, and inclusive cultures.

We believe “each person is the best source for their own wisdom.” To that end, we work with leaders with high-growth potential in innovative and high-performing organizational cultures to help them fully leverage their genius. Our “sweet spots” include cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, organizational strategy, leadership, wellness, strategic storytelling, and career acceleration. 

We have affinity for the following types of clients:


C-Suite Executives
Emerging Leaders
Aspiring Youth
(e.g., Millennials, Gen Z, and the Leaders of Tomorrow)
Professionals from Under-served Communities
(e.g. BIPOC, Women, LGBTQ+)
Anyone Who Wants to Grow and Perform at a Higher Level


International Teams & Multi-cultural Units
Executive or Senior Leadership Teams
Under-performing Teams
Teams with a New Charge/Mission
Newly-Formed Teams
DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging) Councils
Affinity Groups/Employee Resource Groups

To support our coaching clients, we embody the following approaches:

  1. We are developmental and help clients understand how their personal narratives and individual journeys influence their growth potential, worldview, and leadership brand.
  2. We are strategic and help our clients understand the social, business, cultural, and political landscape in which they operate in order to achieve their goals.
  3. We are solutions-oriented and partner with our clients to develop creative solutions to address leadership dilemmas and create personal accountability.
  4. We are holistic and support the psychological safety, somatic health, and physical well-being of our clients. We believe self-care is the linchpin of good leadership.
  5. We are compassionate and believe effective coaching is heart-centered, mindful, and supportive. Good coaching begins and ends by honoring your full humanity.

We coach to the unique sensibilities of each person and each team. We utilize value-based pricing and offering coaching in three different formats:

Short term coaching (1-2 months): Edification of certain skills-sets and short-term behavior modification.

Mid-term coaching (3-6 months): Facilitation of agile leadership that helps the client or team to capably address strengths and developmental opportunities.

Long-term coaching (6-12 months): Generation of adaptive and transformational leadership.

Coaching is a fun, powerful, and sturdy adventure, which is why it is important to choose your coach carefully! If you are interested in pursuing coaching with Joel or a member of our team, please contact us by using the contact form on our website.

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