Leadership Development

Just because an employee is promotable does not mean that they are a leader. Our aim is to help our clients build leaders at every level of the organization. We work with emerging leaders and senior leaders to develop their leadership capacity and accelerate their career trajectory. Our leadership development tracks include the following topics:

Situational Awareness | Managing Triggers | Personal Brand | Values Identification | Motivating Teams | Personal Narratives & Storytelling

Modern Leadership

Leadership has to be elevated from the traditional place where it was based on individualistic, masochistic and hierarchical norms. We offer learning modules that help today’s leader harness the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Oftentimes, a newly-promoted person may be deemed a leader just by virtue of their new position. Yet, it is important to note: promotability is not the same as leadership. While an individual may have mastered specific skills in order to be promoted, that does not mean they know how to lead a diverse team to achieve a common objective.

Knowing this, we designed the modern leadership series to assist emerging leaders in expanding their leadership toolkit and to support existing leaders as they seek to engage the modern workplace. We have two courses for your organizational leaders:


  1. Delivering Effective Feedback – how to deliver constructive feedback and coach your team for success.
  2. Leading Through Change – how to inspire and motivate your team when dealing with adversity.

BIPOC Leadership

Eyes On the Prize – This institute is designed to help prepare leaders of color for the inevitable growth that must occur in order to be responsive to the emerging American workforce. The objectives in this workshop are:

a) To illuminate the changing demographics of the American workforce
b) To surface tensions, biases, and assumptions that arise when working with other communities of color
c) To facilitate greater learning and awareness of other communities of color
d) To highlight best practices for ensuring that Leaders of Color are primed to work with other POC

LGBTQ+ Leadership

Being Queer is Your Superpower – An intensive LGBTQ leadership academy designed to accelerate the career growth of emerging LGBTQ leaders. This 3-part institute focuses on the following:

  1. Understanding the unique cultural sensibilities of LGBTQ+ people and their contribution to the world.
  2. Recognizing the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ face in the workplace, particularly for attendees who are Transgender, Bisexual, or BIPOC.
  3. Developing the skills for leading yourself, leading the team, and leading the organization
  4. Supporting strategic thinking, accountability, and sustainable growth.

Please contact us for more information if you would like to enroll for this exciting program.

Men’s Leadership

We facilitate an experiential leadership institute that helps men develop the adaptive qualities to be more effective leaders in their spheres of influence, free of the patriarchal tendencies that have plagued traditional leadership. The institute includes a 4-part leadership program, coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring.