MoMENtum Leadership

Healthy male leadership in a multicultural world

The world is changing to incorporate new and innovative forms of leadership. Whereas the model for leadership has historically been militaristic, hierarchical, and patriarchal, the needs of emerging ethnic and gender populations dictate that those models are antiquated, repressive, and at the very least, ineffectual. Although these models of leadership were the hallmarks of masculinity, what is needed today is an inclusive model of leadership that is more reflective, collaborative, and nuanced in order to facilitate effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.


Our format is experiential, with substantial time allocated to individual reflection, dyad/small group conversation, and large group debriefing. We provide coaching, leadership development, and team building. We also offer a “bootcamp” that includes four half-day modules designed to be iterative in which participants should expect a variety of activities, including case studies, personal assessments, and small group exercises.

Featured Modules

Module 1 – Society, Self, and the “Male Maelstrom” of Masculinity

Module 2 – Growth, Healing, and Transformation

Module 3 – Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Module 4 – Visioning and Stewardship

The MoMENtum Leadership Experience will:

  • Harness the positive aspects of male leadership while diminishing the things that get in the way
  • Build greater capacity for working with multicultural populations, particularly women.
  • Expand male leadership to be responsive, agile, and creative while reducing bias/increasing inclusivity.
  • Provide practical guidelines on how male leaders can transform their workspaces.
  • Facilitate healing from the ill-effects of toxic masculinity.

Organizational Benefits

1) Gender Equity. Men who become aware of their cultural frame and their biases can go a long way to being allies for women and advocating for greater equity in recruitment, retention, and leadership

 2) Supporting Male Leaders. Our program will create space for male and non-gender conforming leaders to show greater vulnerability, empathy, and courage in fostering an inclusive work environment.

 3) More Profitable. A global survey found that companies with women in the C-suite have increased profit margins. However, that phenomenon is only possible if organizations have male leaders who “make room” and understand the value of increased diversity.

 4) Greater Organizational Performance. If male leaders foster more safety and belonging, not only will the company generate and establish a more inclusive culture, it can help unleash more creativity, innovation, and risk-taking that will lead to higher rates of engagement about their work, career, and companies.


As a value-based enterprise, we do not assess an hourly or daily rate, since you should not have to make an investment decision every time our assistance may be needed. We will not “nickel and dime” you for incidental costs. The commitment of our resources to the process is a unique feature of our consulting practice.