Global Inclusion Series

Conscious Inclusion

This exploratorium helps leaders move from a monocultural mindset to an intercultural mindset. Conscious inclusion invites emerging and experienced leaders to raise their level of awareness and embody a growth mindset while learning how to effectively manage cultural differences and similarities.

Implicit Bias

An exploratorium introduces participants to the theory of implicit or unconscious bias and helps each participant recognize their own bias, how bias manifests itself in the world and the workplace, and what each person can do to deactivate bias in their sphere of influence.


Our microaggressions exploratorium that empowers participants – particularly HR personnel – to be cultural detectives and become more discerning when microaggressions and micro-inequities surface in the workplace.


An exploratorium that illuminates how our multiple identities and cultures create synergy and forge unique cultural experiences.

Power & Privilege, & Allyship

 An exploratorium that showcases how to be an effective ally given the power imbalances that exist within our social ecosystem.


A four-part series that deconstructs racism from the global, individual, interpersonal and societal level and activates the individual to model anti-racism.

Dismantling White Supremacy

An exploratorium that demystifies white supremacy and provides social context for dismantling the theoretical basis for modern racism in today’s organizations.